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  • The home of a large collection of historical printing equipment, this non-profit organization is dedicated to preserving the history of the graphic arts, printing
  • One of the specialist public reference libraries of the Corporation of London. Features world famous collections covering printing and related topics such as papermaking.
  • Some basic information on the tramway routes of Amsterdam.
  • Gives a virtual tour of many historical aspects of printing, binding and prepress.
  • A listing of resources for the history of books and printing.
  • A study of Renaissance print shops and the contributions of Yohann Gutenberg.
  • One mans journey through an apprenticeship as a compositor starting in 1968. Covers monotype and linotype. Also talks about compositing before computerization.
  • An online exhibit that examines the development of printing and its influence on European culture.
  • Excerpts from the book Tramp Printers. A tramp printer was a craftsman who traveled about the world in search of work.
  • A concise history of the book and printing beginning in the 7th century A.D.. Contains many examples of printed works and links.
  • A collection of watermarks and printers' ornaments used by William Stansby. Also includes a biography of William Stansby.
  • Provides business and IP (intellectual property) information for innovators and entrepreneurs.
  • A paper which concentrates on pre 1801 printing. It describes several printing families, licensing, innovations and technologies of that time period.
  • The Gutenberg museum. Contains history, a time line, and background which includes the locations of the remaining 42 line bibles.
  • Offers a cultural and technical look at the history of printing. Offers temporary and general exhibitions and a floor map.
  • An introduction to the projects' collection. Includes a history of several styles of book binding in China.
  • Oral history project creating a recording and visual archive. Sample photographs of Scottish companies and interview transcripts.
  • Established to promote and encourage the study and knowledge of the world of print.
  • User-submitted stories and photographs from the era of hot metal. Also offers Downloads and a discussion forum.
  • The story of Sun Printers and Sun Engraving in Watford, England, from 1898 to 2004. Includes a list of people engaged with the company throughout its history and a photo
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